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korhDESIGNS Store
  • About Us..

    korhDESIGNS is a marketplace that caters for creative freelancers who sell anything from digital downloads, products and even services on their very own online store within a creative environment.  Our mission is to help freelancers gain more exposure by showcasing their skills and talent at affordable prices.

  • Items You Can Sell..

    Registered vendors will be able to sell digital downloads, products and services within their personal online store.  Such items could be graphic design images, audio files, hand made items as well as photography services.  All items will be vetted before going live so that we can ensure the quality of your works are at a high standard, so be sure to list only your best creative works!

  • Price Plans & Fees..

    korhDESIGNS has the creative freelancers best interests at heart.  This is why we only have a ‘One Off’ store set up fee followed by our 15% commission rate including PayPal’s fees on each item sold.  This means no direct debits or monthly subscriptions.  You simply sell your best works at an affordable price where we pay you between 24-48 hours after we receive your item’s purchase payment (minus our fees).

  • How Do I Sign Up?..

    To sign up as a korhDESIGNS creative freelancer simply go to the main menu bar, Account > Login/Dashboard > and complete the registration form.  Once completed your profile and store will instantly become active.  If you have any questions at all then please feel free to ‘Contact Us‘.  Thank You 😀